Jeremy Whale

Where there’s a Whale there’s a Way

We know what you’re thinking: Who is Jeremy Whale? What sort of whale is he? How did he earn his credentials? And why should I even trust a marine mammal with my marketing technology challenges? These are all very valid questions that deserve proper answers. Allow us to shed some light on that.

Jeremy Whale is your cloud apps assistant who understands his skill set just as well as he knows the deep blue ocean. He feeds on an abundance of plankton which he prefers to call “knowledge” and is more than happy to share everything that he knows with you and your business.

But how did Jeremy become the Cloud apps wiz that he is today?

Way back in his younger years, Jeremy showed signs that he was not like the other whales. While his family and friends swam in the open sea, Jeremy preferred to stay in shallow waters near a busy beach. There, he would interact with visitors who came to swim each day and observe their behaviour while on shore.

Jeremy became popular with the beach regulars who enjoyed frolicking with him under the sun. However, they frequently became hungry and thirsty, leaving him all alone as they swam back to shore to look for something to eat and drink. That’s when Jeremy had a lightbulb moment. If only there were a place at the beach that served refreshments, not only would people have a more enjoyable time, they would also stick around longer to keep Jeremy company.

Realising that there was a strong need in the area for a snack bar, Jeremy decided to take matters into his own hands and started his very own business.

Initially, Jeremy’s snack business was a huge hit. Visitors to the beach could now spend the entire day there, often buying something to eat and drink from Jeremy without having to leave. However, it wasn’t long until sales began to stagnate and Jeremy couldn’t figure out why. He decided to expand his knowledge to figure out what could be wrong and how he might make it right. As he swam, he asked himself some questions:

  • “Why weren't people buying more and more snacks?”
  • “Why were their sales beginning to stagnate?”
  • “Was this going to be the end of his whale snack business?”

After eating loads of plankton, Jeremy Whale suddenly figured it out. There was nothing wrong with the products he was selling; the problem was that not enough people knew about his snack business. Visitors to the beach could only eat and drink so much each day, meaning it wasn’t enough for Jeremy to sell to them alone. If he wanted his business to grow, he would have to start marketing his products so that people who visited other nearby beaches would know that they could buy their snacks from him.

The problem Jeremy faced was that his snack business was only known to those who visited the beach where he chose to live. But there was a huge untapped market in nearby beaches who longed for a convenient place to eat and drink like Jeremy’s friends once did. If only he could figure out a way to get the word out to them that his snack bar was open for business. All that plankton he ate made Jeremy realise two important things: one was that he offered a fantastic customer experience, and the other was that he had zero marketing efforts. It was high time to take action.

Jeremy drew up a marketing plan to let people in other beaches know about his business. He decided that the most effective way to do this was to share his knowledge with his family and friends so that they could help him spread the word. Since none of the other whales knew anything about marketing technology, Jeremy taught them everything that he knew. Together, they created digital marketing campaigns and promotions to introduce his business to other beachgoers in the area.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Jeremy’s snack bar expanded to other coastal locations and sales skyrocketed, while his existing clients continued to enjoy the same kind of top quality products and service they became accustomed to from the very beginning.

Years later, Jeremy Whale decided to sell his successful business and dedicated his life to helping others effectively market their brands online. After all, he experienced firsthand just how vital marketing technology is to the success of a brand that he felt a moral obligation to let others in on his little secret.

As far as Jeremy is concerned, it doesn’t matter what product or service a company is selling. He believes that the important thing is having the right marketing tools in place in order to effectively carry out a company’s marketing strategies.

Take it from Jeremy who speaks from experience: reaching new customers and sharing information about your brand shouldn’t be a daunting task to be feared, but rather a golden opportunity to grow your business while having a whale of a time.

How can Jeremy help?

As you now know, Jeremy understands firsthand just how important learning to market effectively truly is. The right kind of marketing technology can make a huge difference in growing your business, how you interact with customers, and the work you put into assisting potential clients. Many professionals get burnt out just thinking about marketing. Sometimes, learning how to utilise marketing technology the right way can be challenging, while other times, dealing with customers can be tricky. Sometimes, even managing marketing meetings can seem like rocket science. This is where Jeremy comes in.

Having someone guide you as you learn how to effectively make the most out of marketing technology enables you to truly enjoy what you do. Jeremy wants to make marketing and technology a beneficial endeavour: not an obligation that wears you out. Jeremy works to ensure that you spend less time meeting about the same old issues. He’ll help you figure out ways you can communicate more effectively when you do have those meetings. He’ll also remove the technical barriers that prevent you from growing and moving forward. Jeremy can also update your on-boarding and project process, so that you’ll have more room to play and make the adjustments you want.

Don’t stress when it comes to managing your business. Jeremy Whale is ready to help you make smart choices so you can focus on enjoying your job again.

What does Jeremy do now?

If you’ve been searching for help as you learn how to market your brand or expand your understanding of digital marketing techniques, Jeremy can help guide you through the process. At Cloud Happy, we understand just how important it is to get the help you need when you have questions. That’s why we offer Continuous Improvement and Service Requests.