Make Cloud Apps
Work Better

CloudHappy is your personal SaaS and
Cloud App support assistant

Resolve cloud pain and move forward

Take charge, step back from the edge and tame your tech with one smart decision at time. We're here to help you get through the daily grind by tackling the tough parts, cutting through the noise and distilling it down so you can be strategic, rise up and focus on the big picture.

Service Requests

Service Requests

One support service for all your digital tools. Raise and manage requests for suggestions, answers, tasks, projects and more.

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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

A guided framework to improve digital tools, processes and customer experiences. Review and approve improvement opportunities.

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One support service for 70+ Apps

Marketing technology is supposed to help, not hurt. Do you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics, Facebook ads, Mail Chimp, Zendesk, WordPress, Adobe Marketing Cloud and/or Slack? Are you struggling to keep up with it all? We support all these applications—and many more!

Rise Above The Game

Rise above the games

Become immune to the office grind and get more marketing done. Save yourself from attending the same meeting over and over to get people on-board. Cut through the push back from people by removing them from your path to getting more done.

  • Minimise dependencies on people to get activities done faster
  • Get the antidote for the SaaS Sales Koolaid and restore reality to the team
  • Say goodbye to appeasing the Gatekeepers and selling your soul to Power Trippers

Cut to the chase

Nobody cares how you got it done, just that you got it done. Remove the stress of needing to be an expert in everything data and technology. Stop searching through white papers and praying to God for help and get simple straight up answers and actions so you can keep going.

  • Get the answers you need in unbiased business speak and not technogeek
  • Focus on the important parts of your day and leave the tech headaches to us
  • Take the credit for an improved return on investment in SaaS
Cut To The Chase

Why Choose CloudHappy?

We get it: Data. Tech. Client expectations. Etcetera. It’s all moving so quickly and you need more things done with less resources and in less time. Why waste time, energy, and mental health fighting in the trenches? Become more effective, smarter, and faster.

IT really hurts

Dealing with IT for marketing technology, or martech support, is slow. They're digital marketing ignorant and often take pleasure in being unnecessarily painful.

You can sleep easy

We were born in the digital age and know from firsthand experience what keeps you up at night.

Not in anyone's pocket

We're not in bed with tech companies. We will work with whatever you’ve got and make it sweat before throwing in the towel.

There's no games

We don't play office politics but will discretely keep you in the loop of escalating situations, red flags, and other “iceberg ahead, Captain” situations.

We say it like it is

We know that we're really here to help build your business and promote your career so that, ultimately, you can climb the ladder of success.

Just facilitate

You shouldn't need to get your hands dirty with the nitty-gritty of day-to-day business. Yes, you have bigger fish to fry.

We've seen it all

We're not into buzzwords, the shiny, nor the gimmicky. We’re all about the challenge and figuring out the best way to get the job done.

Who likes a showoff?

We’re immune to the desire to big-note ourselves! Instead of speaking in obnoxious, confusing tech terms, we’ll allow you to save your brainpower for more important things.

Yes, we are double good

OK, just between us, we're actually brilliant with all things cloud, data, and execution. So much so that we can think on our feet to get you out of trouble and back on track.

Avoid salespeople

We're not a money hungry parasitic boys club agency who charge you top dollar to exploit grads and train them up on your time.

No love lost

We get it. We know that when our job is done, it’s done. And just like Mary Poppins, we will leave when we are no longer needed.

Vent away

Your job has it ups and downs. We know that sometimes, you need someone on the outside to vent to over beer or coffee.

Get started with your first request

Tell us whats bugging you the most and we'll be frank with how to move forward.