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We are bona fide experts at providing your team with the MarTech support it needs so that you can be worry-free and focus on the big picture.

Cloud Happy was founded a decade ago by a team of MarTech-savvy Australian entrepreneurs based in Sydney and Melbourne. Collectively, we have 20 years of experience helping mid-to-large enterprises navigate a new era of cloud-based technology. To-date, we have provided this service as consultants.

The sheer scale of marketing technology solutions available today has created real demand for MarTech experts and Cloud Happy was born to fill this new opportunity. The lofty standards of customer expectations in the digital world are such that marketing teams struggle to keep the pace.

Rather than ease the burden and make the lives of professionals easier, technology has had the opposite effect for many marketing teams. Complicated service models and strained communications with other divisions—especially the IT department—have put a damper on resources and marketing personnel are burning out in record numbers.

Cloud Happy recognises this and is doing something about it. Always one step ahead of cliched vendors, we now offer an independent advisor who will cut to the chase with your marketing technology solutions. Say goodbye to short-sighted fixes and slithering vendors who don’t have your best interests at heart.

Consider us your go-to-guys for complex MarTech fixes. Our mission is to help you achieve bigger goals without the headaches and help re-ignite your marketing team’s passion. And with a flexible monthly contract and no hidden fees, rest assured you get nothing but an all-inclusive service designed with your bottom line in mind.

Why Us

Delivers the tools you need to save time Improve field performance always sending accurate job and customer information


01. We Make MarTech Easier

For years, our team encountered many barriers with analytical tools. We returned to the drawing board and asked, “Why can’t businesses get their MarTech to work?” Our answer has always been to work with the most commonly used technologies from around the world and wrap them in a tried and tested proactive, continuous improvement service.


02. We Help You Stay In Front

We understand that no two challenges are identical and no two businesses are the same. We approach business challenges with a “your practice” mindset rather than apply a generic one size fits all “best practice” approach. This way, businesses gain a competitive edge with a uniquely designed method of connecting with customers.


03. We Are ROI-Focused

Embedding new processes into your business can be tedious, unless a tangible benefit awaits you at the end of the day. We pride ourselves on being wildly successful at what we do, and we know that demonstrating tangible ROI with buy-ins at all levels is required. We will help you insert new data practices that deliver visible results for your business.


04. Key Capabilities

  • We Love Martech:We work with any data source and data type on any analytical platforms. Unlock the potential of your data and start making business decisions using more data.
  • Get More Value:We help you get the most value from your existing analytical platforms and highlight the value of big data by starting small. We will demonstrate the worth of new data processes and grow the benefits across the business with agile deliveries.
  • User-Friendly:We are diehard support junkies and we know that the key to success in any transformation is hand-held support.
  • Highly Skilled Team:We have decades of collective experience in business intelligence, digital optimisation, and business transformation. Let us bring this experience to your business and provide additional data-driven decisions.

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