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CloudHappy’s proactive improvement service will continuously tune your marketing results from the ground up.

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Data and cloud applications are becoming increasingly complicated to use. But you’re in luck! Continuous improvement will help you get more value from your data and cloud applications. We use a tried-and-true approach and tailor our services to your business’s needs.

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We’ll take care of the rest

You approve the initiatives. We’ll squeeze every last drop of ROI from your cloud apps, processes and customer experiences. Then, sit back, review the results, and collect the kudos. Here’s how to get started!

Why Choose CloudHappy?

There’s a constant stream of new marketing applications on the way. Customer expectations are rising by the minute. How much can you take before you crack? Don't put up with poorly-running marketing applications, and don't lose out on missed opportunities. Choose CloudHappy!

Get the most for your money

We work within your budget and help you improve ROI with better-performing marketing applications and activities.

Keep things running smoothly

We keep you from having to fight with marketing apps to get things done. Your marketing activities can become more streamlined.

Be super-strategic

Proactively use the strengths of your marketing application and activities to overcome challenges and deliver on business objectives.

Marketing technology can be fun!

We know. For many managers, marketing technology is a chore. But as with most things in life, we can always change the way we look at things. Tell us what’s bugging you the most and we’ll help you make it better by optimising your Martech.

Tame the Cloud Apps you work with

We support the major marketing apps and are always adding new ones to our supported list. We’re at 70+ and counting. Don’t see your applications on this list? Don’t fret—get in touch with us today! We’ll let you know how we can help.


When you work with us, we’ll shed some light on the often-confusing world of Martech, the cloud, data and execution. Our experts are here to provide the answers you need! If you need answers NOW, here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Short for “Marketing Technology,” this is the term for marketing software and tech tools that help you skyrocket your business to success! In a nutshell, martech tools allow you to plan, execute and measure your marketing activities.

Think of it as making your cloud application sweat. With our Continuous Improvement services, you can drastically improve your marketing capabilities, increase the ROI from your marketing applications and delight your customers at the same time!

We will provide you with a quote following an initial sit down and review of your Cloud apps and business objectives. The pricing for Continuous Improvement is based on the number of brands and cloud applications involved.

A quote will be provided after an initial sit down and review of your Cloud apps and business objectives. Afterwards, an invoice will be sent at the beginning of the month, providing you with requests credits for your consumption throughout the month.

Quotes can be paid online via credit card or PayPal. Invoicing and direct transfer are is available for Platinum members.

You’re already behind schedule, right? Depending on your service level, Continuous Improvement runs on a monthly or quarterly cycles. How long it takes before you start to see results really depends on you. Optimisation initiatives will start to flow through in the first week your service commences and can be acted upon as soon as approval is made.

Regarding bundled Service Requests, delivery time will be provided upon receiving a request. We also have a premium fast track option available on selected requests types.

Well, that depends on how you like to be reached. We have different options available, depending on your selected plan. E-mail, online help desk, and chat are available for all plans. Slack, phone, and onsite are available for premium plans.

Short answer: yes, of course. Long answer: as we are Australia-based, we will need to coordinate so we can make ourselves available for your time zone.

Then let’s get it on the list! Send through a support request with the application details and we’ll handle the rest.

Access to your Marketing Technology will be required. The more access you can provide, the faster the service will be. However, we understand that there might be a few hoops we need to jump through to enable this. However, we’ve jumped through hoops of all shapes and sizes, including penetration tests, organising VPN access, providing our office IP addresses for white listing, and more. We’ve worked with both government and finance sectors and have not shied away from being poked and prodded to make sure we comply with your IT security policy.

Questions related to your existing service such subscription, billing, supported apps, help desk access, or feedback in general should be sent via the support request form so we can revert within one business day.

We would love to hear from you. If there is something on your mind that you would like us to cover, please send your question through via the support request form and we will get back to you within one business day.

Don't live with poor Martech

Tell us whats bugging you the most and we'll help you to make it better.